Everything you need to create a DAO, decentralized autonomous organization.

This toolbox was created by Origami, an enterprise-level, DAO software and services platform.

We wrote it to help organizations that aren’t ready for our service.

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The Essentials

Your DAO only needs 3 things: Community, Consensus & Capital. That’s it. Everything else gives it a superpower or makes it more fun or otherwise adds to its mission.

Let’s look at the tools you can use to do all three.

1. Community

This is simply the way your members can community with each other and access their private content.

Chat Software

Your community needs a way to communicate with each other. If you’re reading this, you probably know what chat software you’ll use, so feel free to skip this section.

Discord has every feature your members need — and, frankly, a lot of excess features that will get in their way. It’s popular because it allows conversations to be broken up into channels & enables you to grant channel access based on your member’s roles. For DAOs that plan to grow big, there’s no better choice.

A good example of how it’s used is PubDAO, which loads different channels based on member interests.

Telegram is the choice for the OGs, “Older Generation,” of crypto. But it’s still worth considering for others because it’s clean and simple. Everything happens in one channel, so it’s easy to navigate. If you show it to someone new, they can understand it within a day. The downside is that, as your community grows and has multiple conversations, important conversations can get lost because they’ll all be combined in a single channel.

WhatsApp isn’t really a good choice, but it’s here because some DAOs started as WhatsApp groups and never migrated away. Its big limitation is that it doesn’t integrate well with gatekeeping software, as you’ll see in the next section.

Discourse has one big advantage. It’s easily accessible on the web. Each of the other chat apps push viewers create a username or download software. Discourse is easily available on the Web, each message is Google-able and open to anyone who wants to click over to it.

A good example of Uniswap’s DAO governance, where you can easily see what’s been discussed.

Membership Gatekeeping

This software keeps the wrong people out and allows the right people into your community. It also manages what aspects of your community your members can access, like it’s tasks and documentation.

Collab.Land is the most dependable and popular gatekeeper.